Saturday, 20 July 2013

Poultron: Day 5

I just noticed my pilot looks eerily similar to the default minecraft dude

Time's starting to run out! I still have no flying enemies and the level's still mostly empty! That being said, the game now has a menu of sorts and a second robot to choose from.


  • An interactive menu and intro sequence
  • A new robot to fall in love with (not recommended for people with low self-esteem)
  • Slight graphical tweaks here and there
  • Wobbly feet
  • I'm starting to lose track to be honest

Current issues:
  • Footstep detection is a bit wonky
  • We need an endgame 
  • You can hear the tank trying to shoot outside the hangar (will be fixed tomorrow)

  • Make the level!
  • Hopefully put in the flying enemy

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