Thursday 18 July 2013

Poultron: Day 4

The closest you'll ever be to his pretty face

I tried to go with no health system and I like the results. However, this made me spend most of the day rewriting the projectile system into something a lot more physics-based. I also spent some time polishing up the robot and some other features.


  • Enemy bullets can now hit you and will make it harder for you to keep walking
  • Footstep sounds!
  • Rate of fire limitations on your own mech (the huge cannon is no longer semi-automatic)
  • The robot looks 20% cooler and features a tiny pilot (which I might animate if I feel like it)
  • Dings!

Current issues:
  • Footstep detection is a bit wonky

  • I might make the "shoot" button a keyboard key if it doesn't make the game too easy. I intended to keep it on the screen as an added challenge.
  • Maybe make the feet separate parts to make walking seem smoother and more realistic (also should help polish the footstep sounds)
  • Begginings of robot number 2 (aka hard mode)
  • Make the menu.
  • Put flying enemy into the game if we're very lucky

This link over here should take you on today's adventure.

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