Tuesday 16 July 2013

Poultron: Day 2

Added a decent sky (from the awesome SkyBox valume 2 found on the Unity store), made a geodesic dome for scenery and decided on going for a WE'RE IN SPAAAACE theme.

I spent most of my day implementing the ballistics system. What I currently have is probably not the best solution but it works. There's bullets, that can collide with level geometry (like the ground, buildings, etc) and there's Hitboxes, that can only collide with bullets. Once a bullet touches anything it checks to see if that object has a hitbox. If it does, it triggers a death effect.

  • A small tank that walks up to you and says "Hi" (ok, it doesn't really say "Hi" but you get the idea)
  • Longer legs for the mech (it was hard aiming down and it made the controls a bit easier but not too much)
  • Bullets that do things
  • Explosions!
  • SKY! (the moon was my own personal addition, boy do I feel proud)

Current issues:
  • The effects should be tweaked to make them more coherent (and cooler)
  • Bullets impacting the ground just disappear. This simply cannot do
  • The poor little tank doesn't fight back
  • The tank was programmed to keep his distance but that doesn't seem to work
  • In related news, you can walk right over the tank and nothing happens
  • Fix all the tank issues
  • Maybe make the tank shoot back
  • Improve the explosion effects (graphics and sound)
  • More things to prettify the scenery (maybe a small corridor uniting several domes, that would be nice)
You may make fun of my accomplishments for the day here.

I modelled it after a Panther and a Leopard 2.
Yes I'm aware only tank geeks will know what those are.

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