Wednesday 17 July 2013

Poultron: Day 3

My gun is slightly bigger

Spent most of the day doing other non-game related things like going to the dentist and such. Despite this I think I made quite a bit of progress. Most of it can be summed up as "cleaning up" the messy code and fixing lesser issues.


  • Cool special effects for the bullets!
  • Graphical tweaks, sort of... Well at least everything should look shinier now .
  • The tank now runs away from you!
  • It also shoots back (bullets hitting the robot may not actually do anything yet. Batteries sold separately.)
  • Made the gun mount more "rigid" (it now doesn't wobble every time you shoot). This means it's now harder to use the recoil as an improvised jetpack (sorry)
  • Did you know the tank had moving tracks? Well now you'll notice they exist.

Current issues:
  • THE BULLETS, THEY DO NOTHING. Should I make the mech have a health bar or just make the shots move it back a bit and make it harder to move?
  • The tank dies in one shot
  • The tank explosion's effect disappears suddenly. This won't be trivial to fix unfortunately.
  • Bullets still do nothing when they hit the ground
  • As you can see from the screenshot, that shell might be slightly bigger than it should
  • Consider implementing a health system or not.
  • Make a menu?
  • Tweak the interface?
  • More graphical tweaks?
  • Model a flying enemy.
 As usual, amazing fun awaits thee here.

1 comment:

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